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New Winter Hours

Since the days are getting shorter and its getting dark by 5:30pm and soon 5:00pm. We want to make sure all our workers are safe and home by time its dark.

So starting Friday, November 18, 2022, our hours will be 9:30 until 4:00pm.

Spring Shop Hop 2022

BackRoads is partnering up once again with seven other woman owned “sister” stores in Albuquerque to bring you this years Spring Shop hop! See the next photo for a list of the stores participating!

BackRoads will have several Pop up Vendors, just like in the past. Our Pop Up Vendors are local home run small businesses that appreciate your support so much. We have several new vendors participating along with some of your past favorite vendors! We also will have some HELP with the register this time and hopefully there will not be a line out the door!!

Each of the Albuquerque stores will have their own specials going on and you will receive a free gift for just visiting the store! No purchase necessary!

We are excited to see you and celebrate Spring with you!!

BackRoads Dixie Belle Paint and Iron Orchid Design Classes are in full swing!

We had our 3rd class this past Friday! If you’re interested in taking any of these classes please look under the “Paint and Supplies Tab” and you will find the classes listed. They are filling up quickly so don’t delay too long if you want to secure your place for that class. I have classes through June 2022 up on the site right now.

I am doing 2 classes a month right now. One is held on a Friday and the other on a Saturday. They are from 1-3pm and sometimes they go a little longer because we are just having so much fun!

The classes are designed to teach you a method or skill and the projects will change for each class, depending on what I have on hand and available. I try my best to make the project something you will enjoy and be able to use in your home or give as a gift! Below are some samples of what we have done so far!

This week at Backroads – March 27, 2022

Spring is right around the corner and we are all so excited for the warmer weather! Up here in the mountains we have enjoyed a few teasingly warm days but we know that a little spring snow could happen at any time! Sometimes our biggest snows come in the spring. We have had many Easters when my kids, when they were little – a really LONG time ago, would have their Easter pictures posed in the snow!

Inside Backroads we have received a ton of new florals. Really nice florals! The kind that doesn’t look all that “fake”.

This week we have the Big room decked out in Easter, with bunnies and carrots and beautiful table decor. Some of y’all have seen the table that is in that room that had the crackle top. We decided to cover up that crackle top with a new coat of paint and now it is a solid color on top. We like it better! Y’all know that we like to keep things changing and fresh!

In the main room we have a new little white table with 4 cross back chairs that Sherry brought in. It is so cute and so reasonably priced!

We have a couple of vintage screen doors this week. One has a beautiful green distressed paint and the other is black with some awesome vintage hardware.

In the small room, Janice has done a whimsical theme with the sweetest, local handmade bunnies, local hand made wooden trucks, a vintage stroller from the early 1900’s, local handmade makeup cases and so many other interesting items!

Fixing up the Hallway at BackRoads!

We are doing a little face lift in the hallway! We have dealt with the mint green hallway wall for as long as we can stand it! This week if all goes as planned we will have freshly painted “white” walls and the flooring will be replaced — IF ALL GOES WELL! We have certainly learned that things don’t always, maybe never, go as planned. 😍😂.

We plan on being open our regular hours, Friay-Sunday; 9:30-5:30.

Happy New Year!

Pam & Janice

Storage Storage and more Storage!!

Janice and I have been feeling a little overwhelmed lately by the amount of older inventory that we have stored. There is some good stuff in there but there is a lot! We want to bring our best to you and so we are taking a couple weeks to go through as much as we can and condense down and organize what we have.

In addition to the storage, we are preparing a fresh new look for the store. Janice is working on bringing you some wonderful primitives. We will also have the store decked out with our interpretation of a East Mountain Christmas!

We believe you will be excited and happy with the results!


What is happening at BackRoads this month - September 2021

We had such a busy month of August that it has taken most of September to recover!  We had a great time at the Albuquerque Home & Garden Show and then the Summer Shop Hop 2 weeks after the show but it wiped us out.  Then Pam left for their annual Florida Vacation for 2+weeks leaving Janice to hold down the store.  We appreciate your patience with us as we have recovered.  

We will finish out September with just running the store and bringing in Fall and Halloween items for you.  We have made a couple of exciting changes at BackRoads!  We have opened up the stock room to now be our retail sales room and then the main part of the store will be our show room part (not much change in the main area).  We will still have a few things in the hallway but as the Tom & Jerry building has expanded and added more businesses we thought opening up the additional room would be better.   We hope you enjoy being able to shop with a little more variety and options.

Janice & I will still be changing up the store on a regular basis with Janice’s special thematic room(s) every 4-6 weeks.  We are going into our 3rd year and its so exciting.  We have learned a lot about what works and what doesn’t work.  We have learned each others strengths and are trying to work smarter and not harder!!   



We are totally honored to have been asked to be the Albuquerque Home & Garden Show’s feature Home Decor store for this years event!  The Cedar Crest store will be closed next week for the show.  Please make plans to come out and see us at the Expo center on the Fair Grounds in Albuquerque!  Come by the store this weekend, August 6-8 and grab a free admission ticket – while they last!

Summer clean up



No, this is not BackRoads floor 😊
This is Pam & Alan's house. See below for the after photos!
We thought we would give you an update on what has been taking place at our homes and at Backroads.
Janice's son and grandson have bought a new home and will be moving out of their home. So things are a little more hectic at her house than usual.
My (Pam) parents will be moving in to our home soon. They have their house up for sale and we have been busy going through our house and cleaning out and then also going through their house to decide what to keep and what to get rid of - combining households! In addition to that we decided to replace the flooring in our house -- what a mess! I have dust an inch thick literally everywhere!!

Lots of excitement is going on and we are up to our necks in alligators!
As we prepare for these personal events and for our upcoming business events, we felt the need to do a deep clean at the store and get our plan of action for the next 2 months.
We have some fun changes coming to BackRoads. We(mostly Janice) have been on a local buying spree lately and have been loading/unloading the vans on a constant basis. This means some great items will be hitting the store soon!
We have the Albuquerque Home & Garden Show coming up soon and our Summer Shop Hop. Please stay tuned for updates on these events!
The Summer Shop Hop is taking shape and you will not want to miss this one! We are having more vendors coming to this event and we will be opening up the south side parking lot to accommodate them all!
The Albuquerque Home and Garden Show is also taking shape and we will be preparing for that as well.

Pam's house - after