Fixing up the Hallway at BackRoads!

We are doing a little face lift in the hallway! We have dealt with the mint green hallway wall for as long as we can stand it! This week if all goes as planned we will have freshly painted “white” walls and the flooring will be replaced — IF ALL GOES WELL! We have certainly learned that things don’t always, maybe never, go as planned. 😍😂.

We plan on being open our regular hours, Friay-Sunday; 9:30-5:30.

Happy New Year!

Pam & Janice

Storage Storage and more Storage!!

Janice and I have been feeling a little overwhelmed lately by the amount of older inventory that we have stored. There is some good stuff in there but there is a lot! We want to bring our best to you and so we are taking a couple weeks to go through as much as we can and condense down and organize what we have.

In addition to the storage, we are preparing a fresh new look for the store. Janice is working on bringing you some wonderful primitives. We will also have the store decked out with our interpretation of a East Mountain Christmas!

We believe you will be excited and happy with the results!


What is happening at BackRoads this month - September 2021

We had such a busy month of August that it has taken most of September to recover!  We had a great time at the Albuquerque Home & Garden Show and then the Summer Shop Hop 2 weeks after the show but it wiped us out.  Then Pam left for their annual Florida Vacation for 2+weeks leaving Janice to hold down the store.  We appreciate your patience with us as we have recovered.  

We will finish out September with just running the store and bringing in Fall and Halloween items for you.  We have made a couple of exciting changes at BackRoads!  We have opened up the stock room to now be our retail sales room and then the main part of the store will be our show room part (not much change in the main area).  We will still have a few things in the hallway but as the Tom & Jerry building has expanded and added more businesses we thought opening up the additional room would be better.   We hope you enjoy being able to shop with a little more variety and options.

Janice & I will still be changing up the store on a regular basis with Janice’s special thematic room(s) every 4-6 weeks.  We are going into our 3rd year and its so exciting.  We have learned a lot about what works and what doesn’t work.  We have learned each others strengths and are trying to work smarter and not harder!!   



We are totally honored to have been asked to be the Albuquerque Home & Garden Show’s feature Home Decor store for this years event!  The Cedar Crest store will be closed next week for the show.  Please make plans to come out and see us at the Expo center on the Fair Grounds in Albuquerque!  Come by the store this weekend, August 6-8 and grab a free admission ticket – while they last!

Summer clean up



No, this is not BackRoads floor 😊
This is Pam & Alan's house. See below for the after photos!
We thought we would give you an update on what has been taking place at our homes and at Backroads.
Janice's son and grandson have bought a new home and will be moving out of their home. So things are a little more hectic at her house than usual.
My (Pam) parents will be moving in to our home soon. They have their house up for sale and we have been busy going through our house and cleaning out and then also going through their house to decide what to keep and what to get rid of - combining households! In addition to that we decided to replace the flooring in our house -- what a mess! I have dust an inch thick literally everywhere!!

Lots of excitement is going on and we are up to our necks in alligators!
As we prepare for these personal events and for our upcoming business events, we felt the need to do a deep clean at the store and get our plan of action for the next 2 months.
We have some fun changes coming to BackRoads. We(mostly Janice) have been on a local buying spree lately and have been loading/unloading the vans on a constant basis. This means some great items will be hitting the store soon!
We have the Albuquerque Home & Garden Show coming up soon and our Summer Shop Hop. Please stay tuned for updates on these events!
The Summer Shop Hop is taking shape and you will not want to miss this one! We are having more vendors coming to this event and we will be opening up the south side parking lot to accommodate them all!
The Albuquerque Home and Garden Show is also taking shape and we will be preparing for that as well.

Pam's house - after

Su Casa Magazine

Janice and I are honored to have BackRoads Home Decor featured in Su Casa Magazine this month. The article and pictures are part of Michaela Hart’s Life and Southwest Style – LOCAL GOODS.  We want to thank Michaela and the Su Casa ladies who chose us.  It’s a great magazine and we are so tickled! 



Mark your calendars and get your friends together for our Summer Shop Hop!  

Saturday, August 28, 2021; 10:00am-5:00pm

Backroads will be adding even more pop up vendors this time.  We have so many local talented artists.  Please plan on coming out and supporting them!   We will have more information on all the activities as things fall into place.  

We will have a free gift for you(while supplies last) and there will be food (of course) and drinks.  


Our last class of June was our Patriotic Star Class.  We had a lot of fun and created these sweet stars to go on our front door, mantel or wall.   

Our July classes will be posted soon, be sure and sign up early…. class size is limited and classes fill up quickly!

BackRoads Update – June 11, 2021

We have had a busy productive week and have been busy collecting all sorts of new items for the store. In every decor theme possible! Janice has loaded and unloaded her van 100x it seems the last week or so. I don’t know how she has that much energy but she does!

This week we are continuing our Southwest theme in the main room with an addition of Movie/cinema and then a little corner of modern decor. We have some great options for Dad’s Day!

We have a couple of classes coming up. Please see our list of classes under the “class heading”. We will be adding July very soon. If I can squeeze it in, I will be adding another 1 or 2 classes for June also.

We had a planning meeting for our Summer Shop Hop! We are excited about this event coming up and we will have vendors once again along with some new ones to fill our front porch and hall way. The Summer Shop Hop will be in August – more info to come soon!

Speaking of the porch, my (pam) mom & dad just finished planting our porch pots and they are blooming so beautifully. It makes for a very pleasant time of relaxing out there! The porch is always cool. So plan on spending a few minutes there just taking a short break with maybe cold brew coffee from Cabra or one of their delicious lemonades – whether our store is closed or open the porch is always there for your enjoyment!

Our next store themes will be coming soon – look for some Military/patriotic along with some vintage bedroom

We love visiting with you, please stop by and say hello!

BackRoads Classroom/paintroom near COMPLETION!

Our paint classroom is getting nearer completion. We await some shelving and a few details remain to be completed but the overall room makes us happy and functions beautifully.

Be sure and check out the June classes listed under the “classes” tab. We will be adding more classes as we go and look forward to fun projects with you!