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Summer clean up



No, this is not BackRoads floor 😊
This is Pam & Alan's house. See below for the after photos!
We thought we would give you an update on what has been taking place at our homes and at Backroads.
Janice's son and grandson have bought a new home and will be moving out of their home. So things are a little more hectic at her house than usual.
My (Pam) parents will be moving in to our home soon. They have their house up for sale and we have been busy going through our house and cleaning out and then also going through their house to decide what to keep and what to get rid of - combining households! In addition to that we decided to replace the flooring in our house -- what a mess! I have dust an inch thick literally everywhere!!

Lots of excitement is going on and we are up to our necks in alligators!
As we prepare for these personal events and for our upcoming business events, we felt the need to do a deep clean at the store and get our plan of action for the next 2 months.
We have some fun changes coming to BackRoads. We(mostly Janice) have been on a local buying spree lately and have been loading/unloading the vans on a constant basis. This means some great items will be hitting the store soon!
We have the Albuquerque Home & Garden Show coming up soon and our Summer Shop Hop. Please stay tuned for updates on these events!
The Summer Shop Hop is taking shape and you will not want to miss this one! We are having more vendors coming to this event and we will be opening up the south side parking lot to accommodate them all!
The Albuquerque Home and Garden Show is also taking shape and we will be preparing for that as well.

Pam's house - after


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