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BackRoads Update – May 14, 2021

We thought it might be nice to have kind of a weekly Backroads Update. Some weeks I (Pam) will write and some weeks Janice will write it and we will see how it goes 😀.

This week I am in Virginia. My daughter, Kaycee, graduated from Liberty University and we had the chance to fly out and see her graduate. It was a quick trip but one that we could not miss. This, however, left Janice at the store all alone, once again 😳, to get it set up and going for this week. I’m sorry Janice!!

We have finally started to receive some of our shipments! We had ordered some really cute garden sort of things for the Plant Show last week and they did not arrive in time. Of course, they started coming in on Monday of this week. Oh well… We now have a store full of fun garden items!

The front room features a just in, wonderful “Avocado Green” suede couch. Hey did you know Avocado Green is back?! Along with that, we received this cool industrial, metal, drum-like, round storage table. It is so unique and makes such a nice corner end table. In our little back room we have cats, dogs and all things animal! The larger back room is filled with garden items.

One of the reasons we have reduced our hours is so that we can plan some late afternoon and night time events. Janices motto lately is “Girls just wanna have fun” and we are planning some fun things – so stay tuned and we will keep you posted.

Expect the Unexpected! 😍

Pam & Janice

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