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Spring Bunnies & new Candles

These Spring Bunnies are just the cutest things ever! I know, I know… if you saw our video, we said the bunnies were going away! These are not just Easter bunnies though they are more along the line of garden themed. It would have been nice if they had arrived in time for Easter but at this point we are just happy for any shipments!!

We now carry “Keepers of the Light” candles from A Cheerful Giver, and we love them. I have been buying these candles personally for years and they are my favorites. We will be carrying seasonal fragrances.

What we like about them:
• they are a 1-pour candle, which means they have fragrance throughout the whole candle not just the top layer.
• the company hires special needs/disabled people and allows them to work what ever they can, even if it is only 1 hour
• they are made with a high grade paraffin, have a long burn time and they burn evenly. 
• they come in 3 sizes. 
Papa Jar, 34oz $24.95, 155 hour burn 
Mama jar, 22oz, $19.95, 125 hour burn 
Baby Jar, 6oz, $9.95, 30 hour burn

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