BackRoads Classroom Update

We are so excited about all the new space we have gained in the store and in the new paint room! Our big table for our classes finally came in and it is wonderful – however, we thought it was going to be a standing height table and it is a regular size table. Okay.. we can go with that. We then realized that we have room for one more table and have ordered a standing height table and so when you take a class you will have the option to stand or sit! We love having options!! The standing height table is backordered though –SURPRISE!😳 Its just that kind of year.

We will go ahead and start planning classes and we will try to get them going in April. So stay tuned. We will be sending out an email soon on what will be offered. If you want to be on that email list and haven’t already signed up for the email, please send us an email at or a PM on Facebook and we will get you on the list. Classes initially will be limited to 4-6 people so we can spread out.

Thank you all for your patience on the classes – we know everyone is so ready to do fun things and we hope to do our part with that soon!

2 thoughts on “BackRoads Classroom Update”

  1. Id love to find out what the class entails and what is included as far as projects worked on and what we get out of it overall lol thanks

    1. Hi Brittany,
      Each class is different and there is a description listed under each class. You always learn at least one technique with our projects and have something to take home. In the basics class, you will learn how to go from an unfinished project to a completed project. You will have sample boards ranging from how to use the paint, how to use wax/colored wax, how to distress, how to use clear coat and all sorts of things in between. You will also take one of those sample boards and turn it into a sweet little sign that you can display in your home.
      I hope this helps! Please feel free to call or text me personally at 505-980-0027 for more information!
      thank you so much for inquiring!

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